In the early 1800s, as you probably know, John D. Rockefeller and his brother were exploring for oil in the Midwest and found A LOT. He eventually became the richest name in the world. John was a brilliant business man. Absolutely ruthless but brilliant. No time for nonsense or excuses. In fact, he created the oil pipeline we know today. It resulted in less cost paying the railroads to transport his oil, more control over his product, better leverage with other businesses, and more influence as well.

Around this time, John realized that he had a lot of work in his business life and personal life. He couldn’t handle both because they both required so much attention but they were equally important to him. He had one of the strongest and fastest growing companies in the world going and thousands of employees relying on him while he also had his family to think about. So why are we writing about John D. Rockefeller? Because he was genius in more than just oil.

John created what’s known as a “family office” back in the mid 1800’s, Rockefeller & Co. The first of it’s kind. It was a private office for his own family affairs. He brought in some of the best professional talent, paid them handsomely, and let them manage his life as he grew his business monopoly. Finally, instead him balancing the world on his own shoulders he had one superstar team managing his affairs. All he had to do from then on was to call down to the office, discuss what issue was on his mind, and the team took care of the rest.

Now, in 2016, the team at Ravenna Capital has created our own style of family office. We can help with legal issues, estate planning, real estate, tax and accounting, insurance, business advisory, investments, and more.

Legal issues? We aren’t attorneys but we have excellent relationships with one of the best law firms in KC who will provide consultation to our clients if a major issue arises.

Estate planning is one of the most overlooked issues time and time again. We’ve teamed up with one of the top estate planning groups in the city to help OUR clients.

Real estate is something that isn’t dealt with everyday but when it’s time you want someone awesome. Again, our office has teamed with a group that wins awards every year for how great they are at getting great deals for their customers.

In our own very office we work with a tax and accounting team that covers business and personal tax and accounting matters.

Our insurance team is independent and uses a software that screens nearly every provider to get our clients the best offer instead of being forced to issue one company’s policies or whichever pays the highest commissions.

Running a small business? We would put our business advisory team up against anyone in the city. They’ve worked with over 1,000 companies in KC to help with issues like formation, operating agreements, buy-sell contracts, employee benefits, mergers, succession planning, and much more.

Are you noticing a trend here? We have little patience for anything less than the best for our members. So we’ve gone out and created great relationships with the best of the best in the city FOR. OUR. MEMBERS. If we don’t do the work we go out and find the best who can.