Frequently Asked Questions


A guy I know promised me at least X% return each year. Can you do that?
Can I see your past performance?
How do I know Ravenna Capital is the best choice to manage my account?
Are there any reviews or testimonials of you I can look at?
What sets your company apart from the thousands of other people out there?



What is the minimum account balance required to get started?
Which type of accounts does Ravenna Capital support?
I want to check my account. How can I do that?
How much can I contribute to my rollover IRA?
I don't like lots of statements filling my mailbox, how can you help?
Can I link my bank account so I can contribute or withdraw funds without paperwork?
What technology are you using?
Can I consolidate multiple 401(k) or 403(b) accounts for Ravenna Capital to manage?
Can I combine my current IRAs or Roth IRAs for Ravenna Capital to manage?
Who may open an account with Ravenna Capital?



How much does Ravenna Capital cost?
What other fees should I expect?
How do you charge me?
So what if I decide to give you one of my accounts and then mirror your investing with my other accounts?



Will Ravenna Capital send me the tax information on the account I have there?
Will you be keeping track of everything or do I need to keep track?
I am not very good with taxes. Can you help me?
When do I need to worry about taxes on my IRA accounts?